This will be one of those posts that I don’t like writing but a blogger made me realize that my rights have just been thrown away like their nothing. As a witch I demand the right to practice my spirituality as a Hellenist I demand the right to practice my religion. I don’t want some nuts to tell me that my rights mean nothing. When Indiana passed their Freedom Restoration Act it was a green light for us to be able to practice our religion and not have to worry about being arrested. If I’m smoking weed as part of a shamanic ritual then I won’t have to worry about being arrested.

However it’s been all about the LGBT community and not about people that actually benefit from this law. People like me, a pagan, witch, Hellenist, Heathen and United Stated Citizen. I demand that my religion not be attacked by the federal government and not to be interfered by the federal government. But what really burns me up is that everyone is more concerned about the rights of the LGBT community then about the rights of people who call themselves something that, back then would of gotten you burned alive.

They don’t care anything about us, thus why should we care anything about them? I’m not LGBT friendly because my rights have been trampled on. How many Christian gays believe that witches should be burned alive? How many of them believe that we worship the Devil? And how many of them believe that we aren’t protected by the first amendment to the United States constitution and outlined in the Bill of Rights?

Yes, hating on others is wrong but changing the law is even more wrong. Yes, I’m all for our armed forces to be protected and not denied service but I will not stand by as our so-called allies take away something from us that is designed to protect us. I will not stand by and allow these people to tell me that, while they know what their doing is sinful, what I’m doing is worst and therefore I don’t deserve any form of protection.

They are the gay version of ISIL, going around and telling me what to do. Telling me that my rights are less then theirs, when I’m sure as heck know that we were burned more than any member of the LGBT community could even being to imagine. What if I owned a business and decided not to bake a cake because the witches Sabbath was on that day? Yes, I would be hauled into court and charged 150.000 fine because I put my Sabbath ahead of them.

Freedom Restoration Acts are for only those that practice minority religions and not for anyone else. They are modeled after the federal laws to prevent governments from attacking those that practice something that they might not understand. And the reason that most people use these laws is when they find their religious rights being violated and not for any other reason. I wish that people would stop blowing things out of proportion and leave me with my protections.

Sorry if me being a witch is somehow so wrong.


2 thoughts on “The Problem with Anti-FRA’s Crowd

  1. I always appreciate the genuine sentiments (if they be so genuine) of those who wish to further outlaw the wonton discrimination wrought by these so-called “civil-rights” campaigners. It seems, that most of the intolerance comes directly FROM these so-called groups. We all get attacked for being “so intolerant” when we have a different opinion from theirs, but . . . they get to antogonize and berate at will – all the while calling themselves “tolerant”.


    Okay. Then, WHY is it that we have so many “laws” protecting them from us, but we can not expect the same level of protection for our OWN rights to hold a differing opinion???

    I’ll tell you why, as I understand it,

    Because “They” are the ones with the politics’ ears, and WE are the ones to be most-demonized. Such as it be, for a dying “free-society”.

    Thanks for being another voice of commonsense, and REASON.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


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